AIB Insights is an AIB publication that provides an outlet for short, interesting, topical, current, and thought provoking articles. This page lists archival issues, published between 2001 and 2012. For the most current issue, as well as Editorial Policy, please visit the Current AIB Insights page.

Volume 12

  • Number 12 Issue 4

    "Culture Value Dimension Theories: Hofstede – A Work in Progress" by Romie F. Littrell; "Developing Global Psychological Capital for Business Succes"” by Mansour Javidan and Jennie Walker; "Changing the Face of International Business Education: The X-Culture Project" by Vas Taras, et al.; “Three Multicultural Marketing Directors Walk Into a Bar: And Why It Was No Laughing Matter" by Rochelle Newman-Carrasco

  • Number 12 Issue 3

    "Just Another BRIC in the Wall? The Rise of the BRICs and Educating Tomorrow's Global Managers" by Asta Salmi and Joanna Scott-Kennel; "The Rise of a New Silk Road" by Ben Simpfendorfer; "Puzzles and Truths about Indian Outward FDI: Toward a More Relevant and Nuanced Research Agenda on Emerging Market MNEs" by Victor Zitian Chen; "The Internationalization of Education: An Indian Perspective" by P.J. Lavakare

  • Number 12 Issue 2

    "The Story of Globalization: From the Neolithic Era to the Tea-Opium Countertrade of the 19th Century" by Farok J. Contractor; "Preparing Undergraduates for an International Assignment" by Henry W. Lane and Allan Bird; "Incorporating a Global Perspective in Teaching Crisis Management" by Daniel Laufer;"Perspectives: China's Manufacturing Sector is Moving Up and Out" by Karl Sauvant

  • Number 12 Issue 1

    "Teaching and Learning Global Marketing Using the Web" by Basil J. Janavaras; "Reductionism in an International Entrepreneurship Game" by Precha Thavikulwat; "Tools: SWOT in International Business Revisited” by Marilyn M. Helms

Volume 11

  • Number 11 Issue 4

    "The Global Financial Crisis and the Restructuring of the World Economy" by Thomas D. Lairson; "The Social Responsibility of International Business Scholars: The Case of China" by Mike W. Peng; "Accepting "Conventional Numbers": Determining the Size of the Worldwide Counterfeit Goods Market" by Alan S. Zimmerman

  • Number 11 Issue 3

    "Gender and Geographic Diversity in the Editorial Board of the Journal of International Business Studies" by Anne-Wil Harzing and Isabel Metz; "AIB Regional Chapters" A Review of Best Practices and Future Possibilities" by Cheryl A. Van Deusen and Shaun Brophy; "International Business Curriculum: Incorporating the Middle East" by P. Candace Deans

  • Number 11 Issue 2

    "Insights into the Future of International Business" by Yair Aharoni; "Insights into the Global Factory" by Peter Buckley; "Global 'Chop Shops' Slice, Dice and Outsource the Value Chain by Farok J. Contractor; "When Less is More: A Personal Perspective on CK Prahalad's Accomplishments" by Yves Doz

  • Number 11 Issue 1

    "Offshoring, Outsourcing, and Strategy in the Global Firm" by Stephen Tallman; "Corporate Governance and the Multinational Firm" by Manzur Rahman; "The Imperative of Global Environmental Scanning" by Peter Enderwick

Volume 10

  • Number 10 Issue 4

    "Latest Trends in Global FDI Flows and Policies: A Synthesis of Recent Research by UNCTAD" by James Zhan and Guoyong Liang; "Chinese Outward Investment" by Derek Scissors; "The Role and Importance of the Chinese Government for Chinese Outward Foreign Direct Investments" by Philippe Gugler and Marc Fetscherin.

  • Number 10 Issue 3

    "What's in a Name? Cross Country Differences in Preferred Ways of Address for University Teachers" by Anne-Wil Harzing; "International Business Consulting: Pedagogy for a Global Economy?" by J. Mark Munoz and Jon F. "Rick" Bibb, and "Gung Ho: A Fresh Look at a Video Classic for Teaching Cross-Cultural Management" by William R. Pendergast.

  • Number 10 Issue 2

    "The Launching of a New International Business Major in the Digital Age" by Clifford Wymbs; "Creating an Undergraduate International Business Major: Reflections from Fifteen Years Later" by Donald P. Rogers,; and "Anatomy of an Undergraduate Business Study Tour" by Kimberley Howard and Brian Keller.

  • Number 10 Issue 1

    "Latin America's Contribution to IB Scholarship" by Luis A. Perez-Batres, Michael J. Pisani, and Jonathan P. Doh; "Bangalore vs. Bollywood: Connectivity and Catch-Up in Emerging Market Economies" by Mark Lorenzen and Ram Mudambi; and "Multinationals Make Money in the Third World" by Louis T. Wells.

Volume 9

  • Number 9 Issue 3

    "Exploring Institutional Realities: The Economic Crisis as a Time for IB to Lead" by Suhaib Riaz; "The Financial Crisis and Global Supply Chains" by Robert N. Mefford; "Banking Crisis: A Spanish Case in the International Horizon" by Joaquín López Pascual and Yingying Zhang; and "The Global Economic Crisis and Foreign Subsidiaries in New EU Member Countries" by Kalman Kalotay and Sergey Filippov.

  • Number 9 Issue 2

    "Thinking Strategically during the Global Downturn" by Klaus E. Meyer; "The Savings Crisis and International Business" by Amir Shoham; "China’s Trade in Crisis" by Alyson C. Ma and Ari Van Assche; and "An Entrepreneurial Approach to Global Stimulus" by Marc Sandy. This is the first issue of AIB Insights edited by our new editor Ilan Alon.

  • Number 9 Issue 1

    "IB at 50 – A Semi-Celebration, Challenges and Ways Ahead" by Christos N. Pitelis; "International Business in a Time of a Crisis: A New Paradigm for Research in the Economics of International Business" by Tamir Agmon; and "Six AIB Fellows in Search of the Future of IB Research" by Nancy Adler, Jean Boddewyn, Farok Contractor, Yair Aharoni, John Dunning, and Stefanie Lenway. This is the last issue of AIB Insights edited by Tamir Agmon.

Volume 8

  • Number 8 Issue 2

    "Global Integration: A Strategic Perspective on the Asymmetries of Globalization" by Constantine Polychroniou; and "Global Talent Management and Learning for the Future: Pressing Concerns for Japanese Multinationals" by Mary Yoko Brannen

  • Number 8 Issue 1

    "Reversed internationalization path; the case of Slovenia" by Marjan Svetlicic; "Global Leadership" by Joyce Osland; "The Effects of Market Deregulation-A Financial Structure Analysis" by Ted Lindblom and Stefan Sjögren

Volume 7

  • Number 7 Issue 2

    "Globalization and Tradition in Corporate Governance in Turkey: Problems and Opportunities" by Hakan Orbay; "Capital Imports, Innovation Finance and New Comparative Advantage in Small Countries" by Avi Messica; "Which Country Will Be the World Economic Leader in the Next Generation: The United States or China? And the North Korean Factor" by Suk Kim

  • Number 7 Issue 1

    "How to Attract Sustainable Foreign Direct Investment?" by Christian Bellak "Technology and International Business: What Should We Know and Teach?" by Raj Aggarwal "My 50th Trip to China 1989-2006" by Peter H. Antoniou

Volume 6

  • Number 6 Issue 4

    "Evaluating the Performance of the Microfinance Industry" by Jacob Yaron; and "Culture and Organizational Discourse as Expressed in Business Letters of Greek Corporations" by Toula Kessapidou

  • Number 6 Issue 3

    "Finance and the Search for the 'Big' Question in International Business" by Kirt C. Butler; and "Subsequent FDI Investment in the Chinese Mainland" by Qiu-zhi Xue, Lai-jun Luo, Yu-ze Luo, Yan Zhu; "The Global Footprint" by Ilan Alon, Craig McAllaster

  • Number 6 Issue 2

    "New Directions in International Business Research" by John H. Dunning; and "'Thumbs-up is a rude gesture in Australia': The Presentation of Culture in International Business Textbooks" by Frank B. Tipton

  • Number 6 Issue 1

    "The First Russian Jews in America" by Florian Aftalion; and "Towards a Coherent Multilateral Framework on FDI" by Philippe Gugler.

Volume 5

  • Number 5 Issue 4

    "Multinational Corporations and Human Rights: Does 'Private' Political Authority Imply Public Liability?" by Stephen j. Korbin; "Internationalization, Distance Barriers and Home Country Size, Lessons from the World Investment Report 2005" by Seev Hirsch; and "Chazen Corner: An Afternoon with a Pioneer in International Business Education" an interview with Stefan Robock.

  • Number 5 Issue 3

    "Freud and Globalization: A Psychological Overview of the Nationalism Phenomenon during the Globalization Age" by Oren Kaplan; "'Unknown World' Globalization: The Aztec Pochteca and Long Distance Trade" by Michael J. Pisani and Jana S. Pisani; and China vs. Japan: Who Trumps Asia? by Ilan Alon.

  • Number 5 Issue 2

    "Understanding The Metaphoric Basis of Internationalization: The Case of Mergers and Acquisitions" by Eero Vaara; "Creating a Global Standard for Violin Making" by Tamar Almor; and "More Department Names with 'International' in Them" by Jean Boddewyn and Clifford Wymbs.

  • Number 5 Issue 1

    "When Twice As Much Is Twice As Much: Germany and the Euro" by Jurgen Brock, "The First Era of Globalization "Know World" Globalization in the Time of the Roman Empire" by Karl Moore, and "The Global Practicum as an Innovative Pedagogical Tool for Learning International Management" by Ilan Alon.

Volume 4

  • Number 4 Issue 2

    "From Istanbul to Stockholm: A Reflective Dialogue on Global Leadership" by Nancy J. Adler, "Do We Speak the Same Language?" by Mary Ann Von Glinow, and "Is IB Research too Broad to be Functional? Nature of the Challenge for IB Academics" by Raj Aggarwal.

  • Number 4 Issue 1

    "The Role Foreign Direct Investment and the Multinational Enterprise in Shaping Neighborhoods: The Case of the European Union." by Marina Papanastassiou, "Africa and International Management: Why Bother?" by Terence Jackson, "To Pay or Not to Pay: That is the Economic Development Question" by Betty Jane Punnett, and "Department Names With 'International' in Them" by Clifford Wymbs and Jean Boddewyn.

Volume 3

  • Number 3 Issue 4

    "The Economic Theory of the MNE: A View from Reading." by Robert Pearce, "The Infusion Model of International Business Education and Research" by Alan Rugman, and "Business Ethics in Russia: Natasha's Choice" a case by Moshe Banai. This is the first issue of AIB Insights edited by Tamir Agmon.

  • Number 3 Issue 3

    "A Glimmer of Hope" by Joe DiStefano, "The Aesthetics of Waste: Reflections on the New Shanghai" by Farok Contractor, and "Urgent Call for Research on International Trade in Human Beings" by Patriya Tansuhaj. This is the last issue of AIB Insights edited by Betty Jane Punnett.

  • Number 3 Issue 2

    Includes an article by Jean Boddewyn remembering Michael Brooke, as well as excerpts from "The Brooke Story: A Professional Half-Life in International Business", written by Brooke himself. The final article, by John A. Rushing, Sr. is entitled "The Challenge of Research Ethics".

  • Number 3 Issue 1

    "The Link Between Culture and Management," featuring articles by Ilan Alon (Crummer Graduate School of Management, Rollins College), Animesh Ghoshal (DePaul University), Betty Jane Punnett (University of the West Indies), and Donald M. Wood.

Volume 2

  • Number 2 Issue 4

    "Developing a Global Research Project to Study Successful Women Worldwide: Challenges and Insights" by Jo Ann Duffy and Miguel Lujan, "Learning from Loosely-Coupled Research Coordination: The ION Network" by Martha Maznevski, "Teaching Cross-cultural Business Negotiations: Resources for Non-experiential Methods", by Steve Weiss.

  • Number 2 Issue 3

    The Quarter 3, 2002 issue of Insights features articles by Alvin Wint (The Power of the Muse: The Influence of International Business Scholarship), Carl Nelson (Reducing World Poverty), and Ans Kolk (Multinationals and Corporate Social Accountability), all which offer important insights into the international business world today.

  • Number 2 Issue 2

    The Quarter 2, 2002 issue of Insights includes an article by Jean Boddewyn entitled "The Most Exotic AIB Conference of the 20th Century", recounting the 1976 conference in Alexandria, Egypt. Other articles include "The Effect of Health Care On Globalization" by Walter E. Longo, M.D. and Sumit K. Kundu, Ph.D. and "Experiential Teaching and Learning in International Management" by Jeanne McNett and Allan Bird. BJ Punnett supplies us with another great Cross-Cultural Quiz.

  • Number 2 Issue 1

    This Quarter's "down-under" issue of AIB Insights is guest edited by Doreen Chadee (University of Auckland, New Zealand). It features articles on "down-under" international business issues, hoping to broaden the focus of international business research, which has primarily been on North American, Europe, and Japan.

Volume 1

  • Number 1 Issue 3

    This edition of AIB Insights (pages 13-24 of the 2001 Q4 newsletter) features commentary on the events of September 11. Articles by Hon. Gareth Evans ("The World After 11 September: A Balance Sheet"), Peter Enderwick ("Terrorism and the International Business Environment"), and Brian Lorfman ("When Terrorism Hits Home")

Volume 1

  • Number 1 Issue 2

    The second edition of AIB Insights, taken from pages 11-22 of the 2001 Q3 newsletter include articles by Nancy Adler, Sam Antrobus, David Ricks, and Alan Bird.

Volume 1

  • Number 1 Issue 1

    The first edition of AIB Insights, taken from pages 9-18 of the 2001 Q2 newsletter. It includes Alan Rugman's article, "The Myth of Global Strategy" as well as Paul Simmonds' response: "Globalization: Another Viewpoint". Also included are "Blunders in International Business" by David Ricks and an exercise on Cross Cultural Negotiations by BJ Punnett.