The following biographies are for the 2013-2014 AIB Executive Board. The board served from August 1, 2013 to July 31, 2014.

Robert Grosse
Nakiye Boyacigiller
Immediate Past President:
Mary Ann Von Glinow
Vice President Program:
Klaus Meyer (2014 Program Chair)
Vice President Program-Elect:
Ram Mudambi (2015 Program Chair)
Vice President Program-Past:
Patricia McDougall (2013 Program Chair)
Vice President Administration:
Peter Liesch
Elizabeth Rose
Jeremy Clegg
Executive Director:
G. Tomas M. Hult (appointed position)


Duties: The President presides at all meetings of the Academy and of the Executive Board, appoints and instructs all committees and is responsible for the strategic direction of the Academy and for supervising the functions of the other officers and of the Executive Director.

Photo for Robert Grosse

Robert Grosse

Robert Grosse is Director of George Mason's Center for Global Business, Innovation and Transformation. The Center is a part of the School of Management, focusing on academic research in global business and development of programs and conferences in all three areas of global business, innovation, and organizational transformation. Before joining George Mason University, Professor Grosse was the Director (Dean) of the EGADE Business School at Monterrey Tec in Mexico. He joined the Tec in early 2009, after teaching in a videoconference joint venture MBA between Thunderbird and the Tec since 1998. He oversaw the EGADE campuses in Monterrey and Mexico City.

Professor Grosse was the founding Director of Standard Bank Group's (South Africa) Global Leadership Centre, which is designed to offer leadership development training to the Group's 11,000 managers and executives. He joined the Group in March of 2006, and worked with the team overseeing the design of curriculum, recruiting of instructors, completion of physical facilities, and launch of all the Centre's programs in October 2006. He became the overall head of Leadership Development and Learning in July of 2007.

He holds a B.A. degree from Princeton University and a Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina, both in international economics. He has taught international finance in the MBA programs at Thunderbird, the University of Miami, the University of Michigan, and at Instituto de Empresa, as well as in many universities in Latin America. He has consulted for the US Treasury Department, the United Nations, and many companies including American Express, Anaconda, Banco Ganadero, Chase Manhattan Bank, EXXON, IBM, Merrill Lynch, Texaco, YPF, and Xerox. He held the Asesores Bursatiles Chair in Capital Markets at Instituto de Empresa (Madrid) and the Conti Chair in Global Management at Thunderbird.

Professor Grosse is a leading author on international business in Latin America. He has written about global firms' strategies in the region (Can Latin American Firms Compete?. Oxford, 2007), three books and a dozen articles about financial crises in the region, and cases about strategies of Latin American firms in international competition (Enersis, Banco Ganadero, YPF, and LanChile, among others). He wrote "International Business in Latin America" for the Oxford Handbook of International Business (Oxford, 2001). He is a Fellow of the Academy of International Business, and a Fellow and Past President of the Business Association of Latin American Studies.

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Duties: The President-Elect shall act for the President in case of the President's absence or disability and shall perform other duties as the Executive Board may prescribe. The President-Elect shall succeed the current President at the termination of the President's year in office.

Photo for Nakiye Boyacigiller

Nakiye Boyacigiller

Prof. Dr. Nakiye A. Boyacigiller is Professor of International Management and past Dean of the Sabanci School of Management at Sabanci University in Istanbul, Turkey.

Born in the US and educated in Turkey, France and the US, Dr. Boyacigiller’s research, teaching and leadership activities all reflect her interests in enhancing the effectiveness of multicultural work groups and cross border collaboration. Her research on cross cultural management has appeared in leading academic journals and research compendiums. Her work (with Schon Beecher, Orly Levy and Sully Taylor) was supported by the NSF and has focused on the conceptual foundations and importance of developing a global mindset as well as the challenges of creating a shared organizational culture in global organizations.

Dr. Boyacigiller received her doctorate from the Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley, her MBA degree from the Anderson School at the University of California, Los Angeles, and her BA degree from Bogaziçi University, Istanbul, Turkey. Prior to joining Sabanci University she served on the faculty of San Jose State University for 17 years, and has taught at the Anderson School at UCLA, the Haas School at University of California, Berkeley, the Stockholm School of Economics, Bilkent University, and Bogaziçi University. An award winning teacher, Nakiye’s key areas of teaching are cross cultural management and organizational behavior. Her seminar on the cultural context of Turkish organizations is a favorite with both corporate and academic audiences. Boyacigiller was elected a Fellow of the AIB in 2007.

Dean Boyacigiller has held leadership positions in several professional and academic organizations including most significantly her role as President elect and VP Programs for AIB (2002-04), Local Arrangements Chair for the 2013 AIB Annual meeting in Istanbul and Chair of the International Management Division of the Academy of Management (1996-97). She has served the AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) as a member of its Board of Directors (2012-2014 and is currently a member of its European Advisory Council. In addition, Prof. Boyacigiller serves on the advisory boards of WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business), Cyprus International Institute of Management), KAGIDER (Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey), the Istanbul Policy Center , Make a Wish Foundation, Turkey and DLD (Change Leaders Assocation) of Turkey.

Founded in 1999, Sabanci University has established a reputation as one of Turkey’s top research universities and in 2012 was recognized by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology as Turkey’s most entrepreneurial and innovative university. During Boyacigiller’s tenure as dean, the Sabanci School of Management more than doubled the number of its faculty members, launched several new programs, increased its student numbers more than tenfold, achieved AACSB International accreditation and signed a strategic partnership agreement with MIT Sloan School of Management.

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Immediate Past President

Duties: The Immediate Past President remains a member of the Executive Board for one (1) year immediately following his or her term of office as President. The Immediate Past President perform various duties as the Executive Board may prescribe.

Photo for Mary Ann Von Glinow

Mary Ann Von Glinow

Dr. Von Glinow is the Knight Ridder Eminent Scholar Chair in International Management and Director of the Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) at Florida International University. She is the 2007 Program Chair of the Academy of International Business' (AIB) prestigious Frontiers Conference, editor of JIBS and in 2006, Vice President of AIB. Previously on the Marshall School faculty of the University of Southern California, she has an MBA and Ph. D in Management Science from The Ohio State University. Dr. Von Glinow was the 1994-95 President of the Academy of Management, the world's largest association of academicians in management and is a Fellow of the Academy of Management, Academy of International Business, and the Pan Pacific Business Association. She sits on eleven editorial review boards and numerous international panels. She teaches in executive programs in Latin America, Central America, the Caribbean region, Europe, Asia and the U.S. and is Program Co-Chair for the 2007 2nd Annual International Conference on Global Distribution of Work, Bangalore, India.

Dr. Von Glinow has authored over 100 journal articles and eleven books. Her most recent include Managing Multinational Teams, by Elsevier 2005; Organizational Learning Capability by Oxford University Press, 1999 (in Chinese and Spanish translation) which won a Gold Book Award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan in 2002. She also has a popular textbook: Organizational Behavior, 2007, McGraw-Hill/Irwin and a recently published OB Essentials (2007). She heads an international consortium of researchers delving into "Best International Human Resource Management Practices;" her research in this arena won an award from the American Society for Competitiveness' Board of Trustees. She also received an NSF grant to study globally-distributed work. Dr. Von Glinow is the 2005 Academy of Management recipient of the Distinguished Service Award, one of the Academy's 3 highest honors bestowed.

Mary Ann consults to a number of domestic and multinational enterprises, and serves as a mayoral appointee to the Shanghai Institute of Human Resources in China. Her clients have included Asia Development Bank, American Express, Diageo, G.E., Knight Ridder, Burger King, Pillsbury, Westinghouse, Southern California Edison, The Aetna, State of Florida, Kaiser Permanente, TRW, Rockwell Int'l, Motorola, N.Y. Life, Amoco, Lucent, and Joe's Stone Crabs, to name a few. She is on the Board of Friends of WLRN, Fielding University, Friends of Bay Oaks, Pan-Pacific Business Association, Sanctuary Animal Refuge and Animal Alliance in Los Angeles. She is actively involved in several animal welfare organizations and received the 1996 Humanitarian Award of the Year from Miami's Adopt-a-Pet.

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Vice President Program (2014 Program Chair)

Duties: The Vice President Program serves as the Program Chair of the Annual Meeting and performs other duties as the Executive Board may prescribe.

Photo for Klaus Meyer

Klaus Meyer

Klaus Meyer is a Professor of Strategy and International Business. He is currently teaching at the China Europe International Business School in Shanghai, China, having previously taught at the University of Bath, the University of Reading, both UK, and Copenhagen Business School, Denmark. In addition, he held semester visiting positions at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and National Cheng-chi University in Taipei.

Klaus Meyer obtained his PhD from London Business School, UK, with a dissertation on foreign investment in transition economies. He also holds a Master degree from University of Göttingen, Germany, having spent one year of this education at the University of California at Santa Barbara, USA. He has also spent two years in banking with the Nord/LB in Braunschweig, Germany.

Klaus Meyer's research focuses on strategies of multinational enterprises in emerging economies, especially in Eastern Europe and East Asia. He is in particular interested in how firms adapt their business strategies to the specific conditions prevailing in each host economy. He has thus investigated foreign investor entry and growth strategies, starting with the choice of entry mode. His research also extends to economic questions such as the impact of foreign investors on the economic transition and development of the host economies. A new line of work focuses on the motivations and strategies of multinational enterprises originating from emerging economies such as China. Across this work, a central theme has been how the context in which businesses operate, especially the institutional framework, affect firm strategies and practices.

Klaus Meyer has published eight papers in the Journal of International Business Studies, in addition to over 40 further papers in outlets such as Journal of Management Studies, Strategic Management Journal and other journals. He is also, with Mike Peng, author of the textbook "International Business" (Cengage, 2011) designed for the European market.

Responsibilities with scholarly associations and journals include the role of senior editor of the Asia Pacific Journal of Management, and a Consulting Editor of the Journal of International Business Studies. In the past, he also served the AIB community as book review editor for the Journal of International Business Studies (2000-05), and he gathered experience in the organization of conference programmes, among other roles, as track chair for the AIB conferences in Beijing (2006), Rio de Janeiro (2010) and Nagoya (2011).

Professor Meyer maintains a personal website and a blog on international business affairs at:

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Vice President Program-Elect (2015 Program Chair)

Duties: The Vice President Program-Elect assists in the development of the pre-conference activities of the Annual Meeting and performs other duties as the Executive Board may prescribe. The Vice President Program-Elect succeeds the Vice President Program at the termination of the Vice President Program’s year in office.

Photo for Ram Mudambi

Ram Mudambi

Ram Mudambi is Professor and Perelman Senior Research Fellow at the Fox School of Business, Temple University. He is the Executive Director of the Institute for Global Management Studies and of Temple CIBER. He served as Chair of Department of Strategic Management from 2007-2010. He is an Honorary Professor at the University of Leeds, a Dunning Fellow and visiting Professor at the University of Reading and member of advisory council of the University of Bradford Centre in International Business (BCIB).

Dr. Mudambi has been elected a Fellow of AIB. He has served as Junior Faculty Consortium Chair at AIB 2008 (Milan), and as Track Chair at AIB in 2009 (San Diego), 2011 (Nagoya) and 2012 (Washington DC). He will serve as a Track Chair at AIB 2013 (Istanbul). He has served as a Track Chair at EIBA in 2007, 2009 and 2010. He served as a Track Chair at SMS 2011 (Miami). He is the Book Review Editor of JIBS, where he has also won a Best Reviewer Award.

Dr. Mudambi has written six books and published over 80 articles in such business journals in JIBS, SMJ, JoM, MIR, IBR, SEJ, JBV and AMP. He has also published in economics and quantitative methods where his work has appeared in journals such as the Journal of Political Economy, the Journal of Economic Geography, Research Policy, and the Journal of Applied Statistics. He is an Associate Editor of GSJ and serves on the editorial review boards of JIBS, MIR, JWB, MBR, APJM and Industry and Innovation.

He has taught Executive Education courses in the UK, Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Tokyo and Singapore as well as the US. He has consulted widely in the US, Europe and Asia. As Executive Director of Temple’s CIBER, he is responsible for the University's numerous global engagement activities. These include a program supporting IB education for school students in grades K-12, Temple engagement in the Global Business Project education program for MBA students and programs aimed at promoting IB education at schools serving minority communities.

Prior to coming to Temple, Dr. Mudambi taught at Case Western Reserve University, the University of Reading (UK) and the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill). He earned his Ph.D. from Cornell University and his Master’s degree at the London School of Economics.

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Vice President Program - Past (2013 Program Chair)

Duties: The Vice President Program remains a member of the Executive board, as Vice President Program-Past, for one (1) year immediately following his or her term of office as Vice President Program. The Vice President Program-Past provides guidance to the Vice President Program and performs other duties as the Executive Board may prescribe. The Vice President Program-Past acts for the President in the absence of the President and the President-Elect.

Photo for Patricia McDougall

Patricia P. McDougall

Patricia P. McDougall is the William L. Haeberle Professor of Entrepreneurship at Indiana University's Kelley School of Business and the Director of the Institute for International Business. She served as Associate Dean from 2004-2009. She earned her Ph.D. from the University of South Carolina. Dr. McDougall helped pioneer the growing field of international entrepreneurship (IE). She and her co-author were presented the JIBS Decade Award for their 1994 article on the early internationalization of new ventures. She has actively promoted the development of IE to scholars around the world through special issue editorships for four journals and two books on IE, 50+ presentations on IE in 10+ different countries, and conducting special workshops on IE to attract new scholars to the domain. Dr. McDougall is the track chair for SMEs, Entrepreneurship and Born Global for the 2012 AIB Conference.

Dr. McDougall has edited four books and published in such journals as JIBS, AMJ, SMJ, JOM, POM, MIR, JBV, ETP, and JIE. She is a current or former member of nine editorial boards, including a Consulting Editor for JIBS. Her teaching cases appear in more than 25 leading textbooks. She is active in executive education and has consulted with businesses in Germany, the Netherlands, Indonesia, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Guatemala, Costa Rica and the U.S. Dr. McDougall has received several research and teaching recognitions, including the Kelley School's Full Professor Research Excellence Award and Indiana University's Trustees' Teaching Excellence Award.

As Director of the Institute for International Business, she is responsible for the University's CIBER grant and numerous other global engagement activities. Three of her current projects include a USAID funded entrepreneurial development program in the Caribbean; the Global Women's Economic Empowerment Initiative, a partnership with the Asia Pacific World Economic Council (APEC), which teaches women entrepreneurs in developing countries how to start and sustain their own micro-ventures; and the Global Business Institute-Middle East and North Africa, a one month long immersive program that provides students from across the Middle East and Northern Africa the opportunity to learn about business in the context of American culture.

Formerly, Dr. McDougall was a Professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology where she was co-principal investigator on two National Science Foundation grants. In her NSF related role as Co-Director of the Global Innovation for Engineers Program, she worked with the Engineering School to integrate international business, management and entrepreneurship into the engineering curriculum.

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Vice President for Administration

Duties: The Vice President Administration has oversight responsibility for finances, membership and chapter relations and performs other duties as the Executive Board may prescribe. He or she supervises the work of the Executive Director, including reviewing all financial statements and approving major expenditure requests. In the event that more than one officer serves as Vice President Administration on the Board, the President determines the type and sequencing of those responsibilities between the officers.

Photo for Peter Liesch

Peter Liesch

Peter Liesch is Professor of International Business and Chair of the Strategy Cluster, UQ Business School at The University of Queensland, Australia. He has been Head of the School of Management at both the University of Tasmania and The University of Queensland. He is a Professional Member of the Economic Society of Australia (Qld. Inc) and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management. His Ph.D. in Economics, written on the topic of government mandated-countertrade, was awarded by The University of Queensland. Professor Liesch has served on many university committees across several campuses, institutional review panels, tenure and promotion committees, and he has served terms on The University of Queensland Standing Committee of its Academic Board. His teaching commitments are mainly in the UQ Business School's MBA Program, alongside doctoral thesis supervision. He is a Vice-President of the Australia and New Zealand International Business Academy.

His primary research interests include: internationalisation of the firm, alternative systems of inter-firm exchange, and international business operations in their diversity, both their strategies and organisational forms. Recent research projects completed include international terrorism and its effects on international firm decision-taking, offshoring of economic activity, and conceptions of time in internationalising firms. Professor Liesch has recently completed, with co-authors, an Australian Research Council Discovery Grant researching the pre-internationalisation phase of early and rapidly internationalising firms. He has an Australian Research Council Linkage Grant on a project titled 'Through the Eyes of the Chinese: Attitudes to and Opinions of Australia and their Influence on Sino-Australian Business Exchange'. He was funded recently by the Australian Business Foundation for a study on platforming and value appropriation in early internationalising firms. In 2009, with colleagues, he was awarded a four-year Australian Research Council Linkage Grant to research institutional logics in the healthcare sector.

He has published in the Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Operations Management, Journal of World Business, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Management Studies, Management International Review, International Journal of Human Resource Management, Management Decision, International Journal of Technology Management, Industrial Marketing Management, European Journal of Marketing, International Marketing Review and others. With Dowling, Gray and Hill, he recently published with McGraw-Hill an Asia-Pacific Edition of the textbook, International Business. He is Editor of the Management & Entrepreneurship Department at the Journal of World Business and serves on the Editorial Board of the Journal of International Management.

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Vice President for Administration

Duties: The Vice President Administration has oversight responsibility for finances, membership and chapter relations and performs other duties as the Executive Board may prescribe. He or she supervises the work of the Executive Director, including reviewing all financial statements and approving major expenditure requests. In the event that more than one officer serves as Vice President Administration on the Board, the President determines the type and sequencing of those responsibilities between the officers.

Photo for Elizabeth L. Rose

Elizabeth L. Rose

Beth Rose is Professor of International Business at Aalto University School of Economics (formerly known as Helsinki School of Economics) in Finland, having previously held appointments in the U.S. (University of Southern California) and New Zealand (University of Auckland and Victoria University of Wellington). She holds a BSE from Princeton University and an MSE, an AM, and a PhD from the University of Michigan.

Beth's core research interests pertain to global strategy and internationalization, especially foreign direct investment and multimarket competitive interactions. She has a long-standing interest in the Japanese business context, and emerging interests that include the globalization strategies of small- and medium-sized firms and internationalization in the service sector. Her work has been published in a variety of outlets, including Journal of International Business Studies, Strategic Management Journal, and Management International Review. She has been a member of several editorial review boards, including JIBS (2004-2007).

A long-time member of AIB, Beth served on the Richard N. Farmer Dissertation Award committee for four years, chairing the committee in 2006-2007. (She is currently chairing the comparable committee - the Richman Award - for the Academy of Management's International Management Division.) Beth has participated in AIB doctoral consortia as a faculty panelist, and was a member of the selection committee for the 2007 SAMS/AIB best proposal award. She has also been a track chair for AIB conferences (2008 and 2011), and received an AIB best reviewer award in 2009.

Beth is completing her term as the founding chair of the AIB's Australia and New Zealand chapter. She has also played key roles in two affiliated groups. During 2004-2011, she served two consecutive terms as president of the Australia and New Zealand International Business Academy (ANZIBA), which has a close association with the local AIB chapter. In addition, she has just completed a two-year term as president of the Association of Japanese Business Studies (AJBS), which holds its annual meetings in conjunction with the annual AIB conference.

Beth is a dual citizen of New Zealand and the U.S.

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Vice President for Administration

Duties: The Vice President Administration has oversight responsibility for finances, membership and chapter relations and performs other duties as the Executive Board may prescribe. He or she supervises the work of the Executive Director, including reviewing all financial statements and approving major expenditure requests. In the event that more than one officer serves as Vice President Administration on the Board, the President determines the type and sequencing of those responsibilities between the officers.

Photo for Jeremy Clegg

Jeremy Clegg

Jeremy Clegg is Jean Monnet Professor of European Integration and International Business Management, and Director of the Centre for International Business University of Leeds (CIBUL), United Kingdom. He was Division Head of International Business in Leeds University Business School from 2000 to 2008, and has been an AIB member since the mid-1980s. His PhD in Economics, awarded by the University of Reading, UK, jointly won the 1985 AIB International Competition for Best PhD Thesis in International Business (now the Richard N. Farmer Dissertation Award). In 2007 he received the AIB President’s Award (now the John H. Dunning President’s Award) for his work with the UK & Ireland Chapter.

Professor Clegg has served on many university committees at Leeds since his appointment in 1996, including the Professorial Promotions Committee for two terms. He is currently an elected member of Senate. Within the academic community of the UK he is the co-founder and co-chair of a new special interest group in International Business and Management within the British Academy of Management. He has served as a member of the editorial review board of JIBS, and is a book review editor for the International Business Review.

Since 1997, he has been a Jean Monnet chairholder (awarded by the European Commission). His research interests have branched out from the determinants of foreign direct investment, into FDI and regional integration, and the impact of foreign-owned firms on productivity and performance in emerging economies, particularly China. His work on outward FDI by Chinese firms has received research funding from the European Union. In 2008/9 he was a visiting fellow at UNCTAD in Geneva, developing a collaborative project on the impact of national and regional policy changes on FDI. His research, which employs both quantitative and qualitative methods, has been published in all of the major journals in International Business.

Professor Clegg was elected UK chapter chair in 2001, and re-elected in 2004. His strategy for expanding the membership of AIB within the UK, by offering greater value and improving membership communication, raised the Chapter’s profile and performance. In 2006 he extended these improvements by leading the national chapter into a union with AIB colleagues in the Republic of Ireland, forming the AIB UK & Ireland Chapter. The Chapter’s annual conference came to be regarded as international caliber, attracting as many participants from outside the region as within, while remaining welcoming and accessible to all new researchers.

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Executive Director

Duties: The Executive Director is responsible for the administration and supervision of the Secretariat under the overall strategic direction of the Executive Board and reports to the President on a regular basis.

G. Tomas M. Hult

G. Tomas M. Hult

Dr. Tomas Hult is the Eli Broad Professor of Marketing and International Business and Director of the International Business Center (IBC) in the Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University. IBC is classified as a National Resource Center (i.e., CIBER) by the U.S. Department of Education. Previously, he was Associate Dean in MSU’s Eli Broad College of Business – a top 20 graduate business school (Forbes 2011, BusinessWeek 2011) and a top 25 undergraduate business school in the USA (U.S. News & World Report 2011).

Dr. Hult has been the Executive Director of the Academy of International Business and President of the AIB Foundation since 2004. He is on the Board of the International Trade Center of Mid-Michigan, The Economic Club of Greater Lansing, and the Jagdish and Madhuri Sheth Foundation. Dr. Hult has also served as the President of the 33-university coalition of CIBER schools in the USA. The IBC is an affiliate of the U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service of the U.S. Department of Commerce (USDoC). Since 2012, Tomas Hult serves on the USDoC affiliated District Export Council.

Dr. Tomas Hult is one of the world’s leading authorities in global strategy. He particularly specializes in topics dealing with the intersection of global marketing and supply chain management. His most recent books are Total Global Strategy (2012) with George Yip (published by Pearson Prentice Hall); Marketing (2012) with William Pride and O.C. Ferrell (published by Cengage); and Partial Least Squares (PLS) Path Modeling with Joe Hair, Christian Ringle, and Marko Sarstedt (published by Sage Publications in 2013).

In research, Hult was ranked the 75th “most-cited scientist in economics and business” (and 3rd in marketing) in the world by Thomson Reuters in their Essential Science Indicators covering a period from 1997 to 2007. In a 2012 study by Aguinis et al. (in the Academy of Management Perspectives), Hult was 6th among influential scholars who received their degrees since 1991. His research has been cited more than 10,000 times per Google Scholar (about three-quarters of the cites coming since 2007).

He is an elected Fellow of the Academy of International Business (one of only 5 marketing scholars bestowed with this honor), and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. He has served as Associate Editor for the Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Operations Management, and Decision Sciences and currently serves as Associate Editor of the Journal of Supply Chain Management. He also serves on the review boards of the Journal of Marketing, Academy of Management Journal, Strategic Management Journal, Global Strategy Journal, and Journal of Retailing, among others.

A dual citizen of Sweden and the U.S., Tomas Hult has been residing in the U.S since 1987 and been at Michigan State University since January 2001. Prior to MSU, he was at Florida State University.

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