Upcoming Special Conferences

Commonwealth and GVC Research Symposium - July 29-30, 2019, Leeds, UK

Past Special Conferences

AIB Special Interest Conference on Value Chains - October 30-31, 2015, Milan, Italy

Request for Proposals for Special Conferences

In addition to the annual international conference held in the summer, the Academy of International Business is launching the introduction of smaller, regionally based meetings addressing specific themes, geographic areas or industries. These special conferences are designed to attract new members and to provide additional opportunities for members to participate in AIB conferences.

Ideally these special conferences should be designed to provide opportunities for new AIB members and junior scholars to interact with experienced AIB members as well as senior scholars. The organizers of a special conference should be a group of committed AIB members. The organizing committee should include oversight by some members of the AIB leadership such as senior scholars who are current or past AIB Board members or AIB Fellows. Conferences should attract a minimum of 150 attendees.

Proposals should be addressed to the AIB President and submitted to the Secretariat at aib@aib.msu.edu. At a minimum, the proposal should include:

  1. members of the organizing committee
  2. conference theme
  3. call for papers
  4. location
  5. a timeline
  6. program highlights
  7. preliminary budget and potential sponsorships

Each submitted proposal will be evaluated at the next AIB Board Meeting. Board Meetings are held twice a year (typically end of January and end of June). Please submit proposals at least two weeks before the next board meeting to allow Board Members sufficient time to examine the proposals. Please contact the Secretariat at aib@aib.msu.edu for the exact deadline before the next Board Meeting.