AIB no longer organizes the Emerging Research Frontiers conferences. These pages continue to be maintained for archival purposes.

The Annual Conference on Emerging Research Frontiers in International Business Studies is organized by the Journal of International Business Studies (JIBS) and is co-sponsored by CIBERs (Centers of International Business Education and Research). This high-profile event represents the official exploration arm of JIBS.

The aims of the conference are:

  • To encourage the exploration of emerging research ideas in an innovative environment, free from the constraints of traditional conference formats
  • To facilitate open discourse
  • To legitimize the exploration of new research domains
  • To redirect or shut down outmoded themes
  • To build a community of international research scholars across both the social sciences and the functional areas of international business

The invited conference participants represent a broad cross-section of international scholarship; they range from advanced doctoral students to senior faculty and also include leading thinkers from the world of practice. At least half of the participants each year will be new to the conference, counteracting lock-in and ensuring the exploration of fresh ideas. The JIBS editorial team shall attend each conference; the aim is to maximize their sensitivity and appreciation of emerging research themes.

2009 Frontiers Conference
2007 Frontiers Conference
2006 Frontiers Conference
2005 Frontiers Conference
2004 Frontiers Conference
Past Frontiers Conferences