The AIB is seeking proposals from host schools wishing to host the 2020 AIB Annual Meeting. The board has identified preferred locations for these conferences as East Asia or Central or South America.

The host school, in consultation with the Executive Secretariat, help identify the meeting venue, identify Gala event location, plan site visits to locations of interest in the area (e.g. factory tours), and provide on-site staff support during the conference.

An elected AIB Vice President for Program will be responsible for the conference program. This involves selecting the conference theme and managing the research paper solicitation, selection, and program organization. This activity is done in close cooperation with the AIB Secretariat and the host school.

A host school representative should attend the prior conference as well as the AIB board meeting that occurs just before the conference for face-to-face planning. The Spring AIB Board meeting often takes place at the conference location, providing an opportunity to go over the final details of the annual conference. It would be very useful for one or two staff members to also attend the previous year's meeting and help with the conference in order to learn how an AIB meeting is run.

There are two cost items that the host school will be expected to fund: the cost of one gala event and the costs for any support staff utilized:

Gala Event

The host school, which is critical to the success of the AIB Annual Meeting, traditionally sponsors an evening dinner or a similar gala event which showcases the institution and local culture. In the past, host schools have been able to arrange government and/or corporate sponsors to partially or completely sponsor this Gala Event. Attractive sponsorship packages can be designed jointly by the host school and the AIB Secretariat.

Support Staff

A person at the host school is assigned primary responsibility for host school activities. This person should have a part-time graduate assistant or administrative assistant to work on the conference beginning at least six months prior to the start date. During the conference, the host school must provide a number of student or staff volunteers to assist AIB with check-in, on-site registration and other logistical activities. The host school staff will work in close coordination with the AIB Secretariat.

Potential host schools should include an endorsement signed by the school's Dean and/or another high-level university administrator such as a vice president, provost, or president with budget authority, indicating the institution's financial support for the above cost items.

For additional information about AIB conferences, the host responsibilities, benefits to the host, or for a sample proposal, please contact:

Tunga Kiyak, Managing Director
Academy of International Business
645 N. Shaw Ln Rm 7
East Lansing, MI 48824-1121

Please also send your proposals to this contact address. An electronic copy (PDF) is strongly encouraged. Proposals are evaluated as they come in, on a bi-annual basis during Executive Board Meetings. Board Meetings usually take place the last week of January and the last week of June.