Submission Deadline: February 10, 2019

Organizers: Carl Fey, Aalto University School of Business (MOR Deputy Editor); Arie Y. Lewin, Duke University (MOR Editor in Chief)

Time: About 3 hours on June 23, 2019.

This workshop is aimed at supporting participants in advancing two type of papers written in English: 1) Papers which are in full draft form and ready to become finalized for submission to Management and Organization Review (MOR) or other leading international management journals soon and 2) Papers which are still at idea stage or what MOR calls a paper proposal (MOR considers proposals for empirical papers for conditional acceptances. A paper proposal, which has no specific length limitation, is essentially the front end of a paper through the planned methodology section but without results, discussion, etc. One normally writes such a proposal PRIOR to collecting data so that the MOR editorial team can help authors avoid fatal flaws. For details see the preapproval section in the MOR Editorial Statement and Instructions for Authors page. The above link also provides other useful information about submitting a paper to MOR. This paper development workshop and MOR’s paper proposal initiative are unique resources aimed to help authors develop their papers.

MOR and this paper development workshop accepts papers which aim to advance management and organization research with a contextual focus on China and all other transforming economies. MOR is a far-reaching multidisciplinary social science journal that seeks to publish papers that test theory, develop indigenous theories, explore interesting phenomena or research questions, replicates prior studies always in the context of transforming economies. MOR welcomes replication studies or studies that have null findings both of which we feel are important to advancing management theory if well done.

The deadline for submitting a paper is February 10, 2019. Papers should be submitted via the AIB online submission system and there choosing the MOR Paper Development Workshop. If you have any questions please contact Papers can be submitted in any formatting style and length. A competitive selection process will determine which papers will be included in the workshop. By submitting a paper at least one of the paper’s authors commits to participating in the workshop if the application is accepted. Applicants will be notified on whether or not the paper has been accepted for inclusion in the workshop by March 10th at the latest. Once a paper has been accepted for the workshop, the paper will be sent to one or two mentors who are part of the MOR editorial team (e.g., Carl Fey, MOR Editor Arie Lewin, and other editorial team members) or senior MOR reviewers who will prepare comments on how to further develop the paper. Authors will meet these faculty mentors for further feedback during the workshop. In addition, the workshop will begin with a discussion about tips for publishing in MOR and other top journals and new MOR publishing practices.

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