Morning Session: 9:00am-12:00pm on June 24th 2019
Afternoon Session: 1:00pm-4:00pm on June 24th 2019

How I can improve and speed up writing my papers?

Maybe you know these days where you sit for hours but at the end of the day you have just written a short paragraph. On other days you seem to be in a flow and all of a sudden, you put down three pages.

This workshop aims to inspire you how you can bring more of these "flow" days into your academic life. The workshop is designed for researchers on all levels who want to reflect their own writing process. It aims to make your academic writing more effective and efficient by getting hands-on with some helpful writing tools. The focus is on the process of writing rather than the product (i.e. the research). You will get to know some writing methods that you can easily integrate into your daily academic life. We will do many exercises and writing based on a project that you bring to and work on in the workshop.

Each session will be limited to only 20 people, so that maximum interaction is possible. Due to the extremely limited capacity of the workshop, to minimize no-shows, a non-refundable fee of US$10 will be required at registration to guarantee your spot in the workshop.

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Course Instructor

Christina Sichtmann Prof. Dr. Christina Sichtmann is a Research Associate at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics at the University of Vienna. She has extensive experience with publications in international top journals such as Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, International Journal of Research in Marketing, Journal of Operations Management and Journal of International Marketing. As an associate editor of International Marketing Review, she can also give a look behind the scenes of the review process. She has been working with writing techniques for many years and is a trained writing teacher.

For questions about the workshop, please contact Christina Sichtmann at