In addition to the information below, please make sure you read the Author FAQ to find answers to your submission process related questions.

1. General Submission Process

As in past years, all proposals must be submitted directly to each track via the AIB 2016 Online Submission System. All manuscripts and proposals must be submitted by January 15, 2016 in your time zone. If possible, please get your submissions in early, to avoid any connectivity problems as the submission site could be extremely busy towards the deadline.

2. Rule of Three

As in past years, we will be enforcing a Rule of THREE for the conference. No person may be associated (as author, co-author, or panelist) with more than three submissions for the AIB 2016 Conference. This rule does not apply to appearances in pre-conference activities (e.g., workshops, consortia, or chapter meetings), invited appearances at plenaries or special sessions, session chairs, or listings resulting from AIB officer roles.

3. Code of Conduct

Scholars submitting papers to AIB 2016 are expected to act professionally in their research and conference participation, following relevant professional codes of ethics and showing respect to our diverse members. This requires adhering by the following standards:

Conflict of Interest
Authors who have a conflict of interest relationship with a track chair shall submit their paper to a different track, or to the special submissions track. Conflicts of interest arise from author relationships with current and former PhD students, current and former PhD advisors, members of the same department, co-authors, family members and the like.
Responsibility to Review
Authors submitting papers to the conference commit to reviewing papers for the conference.
Responsibility to Present
For sole-authored papers that are accepted, authors commit to register for the conference and present the paper, and if co-authored, at least one of the authors will do so. No personal requests for variation of time slots will be accommodated and authors will present in the time slots allocated.
Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Authors assure that submitted papers are their own work and appropriate credit is given to sources, including any previous work of the authors themselves.

The conference organizers reserve the right to reject papers by authors not acting professionally. A random selection of papers will be submitted for plagiarism checks, and any paper will be rejected if it is assessed to violate professional standards.

4. Selection of Track and Session Format

Authors must make three initial submission decisions: choose (1) the most appropriate track, (2) the most appropriate set of keywords, and (3) the most appropriate type of session format.

Track: Please refer to the Call for Papers for details and chair information for each track. The Call for Papers also lists the pre-determined set of keywords for each track. All single country studies must focus on IB-relevant topics such as MNCs, international institutions, trade, global value chains, etc.

Type of Sessions: There will be three kinds of sessions: competitive sessions, interactive sessions, and panels.

  • Competitive Sessions - The most fully developed papers should be submitted for inclusion in competitive sessions. Competitive sessions consist of more formal and longer presentations.
  • Interactive Sessions - Interactive sessions are primarily designed for shorter manuscripts (in research note formats) or work-in-progress pieces which could benefit from informal feedback from other participants. They are held in a roundtable discussion format with shorter presentations which allows for an engaging interaction with other researchers with similar interests.

    Please note that submitting a manuscript as a competitive paper does not necessarily mean it will end up in a competitive session. Often times very good papers end up in an interactive session because of lack of space on the program or lack of fit with any of the existing competitive sessions.

  • Panels - Panel sessions serve as discussion forums for issues of contemporary interest to IB scholars. Panels are complete sessions organized as a single submission by the panel chair around a common theme. Panels may have a variety of formats. Examples include: roundtables with no formal papers, innovative presentations utilizing software or film, key note and discussion with very senior scholar(s) not normally involved in AIB, and professional development workshops.

    Please note that, we expect panels to allocate substantive time to a genuine interchange between the panelists, and/or between panelists and the audience. For example, panelists may each be answering or discussing questions in common (probably using at least some pre-prepared questions, with a moderator to keep the discussion on track). Submissions envisaging independent presentations in isolation from fellow panelists will normally be rejected. In your submission, please indicate how you intend to facilitate discussion.

5. Specific Instructions for Paper Submissions

  • Competitive papers must be fewer than 10,000 words inclusive of all materials, including appendices and references. Interactive papers should be fewer than 7,500 words. Papers exceeding these limits will be returned to the authors.
  • Each submission must state, on its front page at the top right, the requested Track (number and title) and Session Format (competitive or interactive).
  • Each manuscript should also be accompanied by an abstract, not to exceed 150-200 words.
  • All manuscripts must be in English.
  • The document must be stripped of all identifying information: None of the pages (not even the first page) should list any author information and the File Properties for the documents should be cleaned to remove identifying information.
  • Submissions must follow the JIBS Style Guide.
  • The manuscript should preferably be saved in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format to ensure that reviewers see it in the intended way. A free PDF conversion tool for most file formats is available at DocuPub PDF Converter. However, Microsoft Word files will also be accepted.
  • If submitting a Microsoft Word file, the document must be checked for viruses using an updated anti-virus software utility before submission. Free online virus scanners are available at: TrendMicro and BitDefender.

Please Note: The Teaching International Business Special Track may have its own submission guidelines. Please follow those specific guidelines if you are submitting to that Special Track.

6. Specific Instructions for Panel Submissions

  • Panel proposals must be submitted by the panel chair and include:
    • A title page that includes the names and contact information for all participants and identifies their roles.
    • An abstract, not to exceed 150-200 words, that summarizes the panel (to be used in the proceedings).
    • An Overview Statement of the main issues in the panel.
    • An explanation of why the panel should be of interest to AIB members.
    • A description of the session format (e.g., pro and contra debate, roundtable, professional development workshop).
    • Any special room setup or technical requirement that the panel requires (please note that the feasibility of these requirements will be part of the evaluation criteria).
    • A 1-to-3 page synopsis of each activity (e.g., two contrarian opinions, questions that the panelists will be addressing, training activities).
    • Emails or signed letters from each participant, indicating s/he will participate if the panel is accepted.
  • Panel proposals should be no more than 6,000 words inclusive of all materials.
  • Panel proposals should be written in English.
  • Each proposal must state, on its front page at the top right, the requested Track (number and title) and Panel Session Format.
  • The manuscript should preferably be saved in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. A free PDF conversion tool for most file formats is available at DocuPub PDF Converter. However, Microsoft Word files will also be accepted.

While designing the panel, please keep in mind that sessions at AIB conferences are constrained to 75 minutes. Please also note that only panelists that will appear in person at the conference should be listed in the submission.

7. After Submission

Authors will be sent an automatic email confirmation message upon successful uploading of their paper on the website acknowledging receipt of their submission. If you do not receive an acknowledgment within 24 hours of submitting your manuscript or proposal, please email the program chair at  for further directions. All manuscript submissions will be subject to a double-blind review process and will be evaluated using the following criteria: interest to AIB members, analytical rigor, quantitative methods, innovativeness, and significance of conclusions. Panel proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria: interest to AIB members, quality, innovativeness, fit with conference theme, participants from multiple universities. We expect the corresponding authors to be notified of the results of the review process by March 15, 2016.

In addition to the information above, please make sure you read the Author FAQ to find answers to your submission process related questions.

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