The fees vary based on your status (regular, student, or low-income) as well as when you are registering for the conference (we have discounts for early registration and penalties for late and on-site registration). Please see the bottom part of the Registration page for detailed information about the applicable registration rates.

The registration fee includes access to all conference sessions and exhibits. When you check-in at the registration desk, you will receive a delegate bag, which includes copies of the conference program, the conference proceedings, your name tag, and other relevant information. The registration fee also covers access to a morning coffee break, a light lunch, and an afternoon coffee break on all three full days of the conference. If you have been accepted to a pre-conference workshop, food for the pre-conference day will also be included in your fees. The registration also includes access to the Presidential Reception on June 27, the Gala Event on June 29, and the Farewell Reception on June 30.

These benefits are the same for all three registration classes: regular, student, and low-income.

All participants in the AIB conference have to be members of the Academy of International Business. Therefore, if you are not currently an AIB member, you will have to become an AIB member while registering for the conference. If your are currently an AIB member, but your membership expires before June 30, 2015, then you will have to renew your membership while you register for the conference. Both our online system and our PDF form allows you to pay your membership fees along with your conference registration fees.

The Association of Japanese Business Studies (AJBS) is an international association of professionals actively pursuing the exchange of information and ideas concerning Japanese business and its economic, social and cultural environment. AJBS is an organization independent from the AIB but chooses to travel with AIB, and holds its conference just before the AIB conference. As a service to AJBS, AIB manages the registration for the AJBS conference as well. Therefore, if you are interested in Japanese business studies, you can register for both conferences. However, you can choose to attend only the AIB conference.

Please note that AJBS has a similar membership requirement to AIB. That is, if you wish to register for the AJBS conference, you will have to become a member of AJBS as well. The memberships of the two organizations are separate.

AIB's no-show policy requires that at least one co-author for each accepted manuscript must be registered by May 10. Otherwise, the manuscript may be removed from the program. If multiple co-authors are planning to attend the conference, each co-author has to register individually. For panels, the requirement is that at least half of the panelists must be registered by May 10, and all panelists must be registered before the start of the conference.

All participants, including track and session chairs, board members, and even the President of AIB is required to pay the full registration fees for attending the AIB Conference. Please note that AIB has both a low-income discount for the registration fees, as well as several stipend programs to provide travel stipends to certain categories of individuals.

Yes. All participants attending any pre-conference event are REQUIRED to register for the main conference as well. The AIB Board sees the conference as an integral part of the educational experience these individuals will get from the pre-conference activities, therefore no exceptions will be made.

AIB does not offer any daily rates. Any members wishing to participate in any part of the conference are required to register for the whole conference.

To have a better idea of how many participants will attend and to promote timely registration for the conference, AIB may offer an early registration discount. A discount applies to regular, student, and low-income registrations received before the early registration deadline, as specified on the registration page. Student registrations and low-income registrations are heavily subsidized, and therefore the Early Registration Discount for these already discounted registrations is smaller.

For a conference of AIB's size, many arrangements have to be made well in advance to ensure that there is enough space, food, programs, and other consumables available for all participants. We typically have to report to all venues estimated number of participants 4-6 weeks in advance of the event. Therefore, late registrations usually put us at a difficult situation of having to make late changes to our orders, usually at a penalty, and sometimes having to relocate events to other locations beacuse of capacity concerns. Therefore, AIB uses a Late Registration Fee to dissuade participants from leaving their registrations to the last minute and to make up for any penalties we may pay to our vendors for any late changes. The Late Registration Fee applies to all classes of registrations (regular, student, and low-income).

As a convenience to members who may decide to participate at our conference in the last minute, AIB provides on-site registration services. However, for a conference of AIB's size, such late registrations usually put us at an extremely difficult situation of having to make last minute changes to our food orders, usually at significant penalties. In addition, since programs, bags and other paraphernalia are prepared well in advance, on-site registrations create numerous logistical problems. Therefore, AIB has recently instituted an On-Site Registration Fee to strongly dissuade participants from leaving their registrations to the very last minute. The On-Site Registration Fee applies to all classes of registrations (regular, student, and low-income).

Once your registration is finalized, you will receive a confirmation email indicating that you are officially registered and shows what your name tag information will look like. You will receive an Official Receipt, via email again, as proof of payment. In addition, your name will appear in the list of registered participants which will be made available online once registration begins.

We understand that members who have registered for the conference may have to cancel their registrations due to unforeseen circumstances. While we try to accommodate cancellations to the best of our ability, any cancellation, especially late ones, put AIB at a difficult situation. Due to the size of our conference, we make many of our arrangements well in advance and therefore cancellations come with a cost to AIB. Therefore, the AIB Board has developed a cancellation policy to balance the needs of our members with the costs of cancellation to AIB. As such, please note that cancellation requests for an already confirmed registration will be processed according to the following schedule:

Before May 10: %100 refund (less $20 cancellation fee)
May 10 - June 10: %50 refund
After June 10: No refunds available

A certificate of attendance can be printed for you on request at the conference. Please visit the registration desk and request a certificate to be printed. We would appreciate it, if you wait for a day and time when the registration desk is less crowded (afternoons of full-session days) to request a certificate.

This FAQ only covers answers to questions that we receive frequently. If you have a question that still has not been answered, please contact our Membership Department at and one of us will be happy to assist you.