AIB Conference Registration Policy

Please note that all presenters and participants must register to attend the meeting. Only AIB members whose dues are paid through June 30, 2015 may attend the meeting, so non-members and those expiring before that date should pay the annual membership fee when they register.

Have you read our Registration FAQ? It includes answers to common questions, as well as the details of AIB's registration policies.

Online registration is now closed for the 2015 AIB Meeting (effective June 10, 2015), as the AIB team prepares for its trip to Bengaluru, India. Please do not mail or fax any new registrations to the AIB Office as they cannot be processed.

On-site Registration will be available during the conference in Bengaluru at the registration desk starting June 27th. Please see the conference program for registration desk hours.

AIB Regular Member Registration Rates:

Before April 10: US$50 ($50 early registration discount)
April 11 - May 10: US$100
May 11 - June 10: US$150 ($50 late registration fee)
On-site: US$150 ($50 on-site registration fee)

AIB Student and Low Income Registration Rates:

Before April 10: US$25 ($25 early registration discount)
April 11 - May 10: US$50
May 11 - June 10: US$100 ($50 late registration fee)
On-site: US$100 ($50 on-site registration fee)

AIB Guest Registration Fees:

For each guest: US$100 - Includes access to both the Presidential Reception (June 27) and the Gala Event (June 29)