AIB Fellows' International Executive of the Year

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Biocon Limited  

AIB Fellows' International Educator of the Year Award

Nick Binedell, Gordon Institute of Business Science, University of Pretoria  

AIB Fellows' Eminent Scholar Award

W. Richard Scott, Stanford University  

John H. Dunning President's Award

Harish Manwani, Hindustan Unilver Ltd. and Unilever  

JIBS Decade Award

Sponsored by Palgrave Macmillan

Klaus Meyer and Mike Peng  
"Probing Theoretically into Central and Eastern Europe: Transactions, Resources, and Institutions", JIBS vol. 36, no. 6, pp. 600-621, 2005

Peter J. Buckley and Mark Casson AIB Dissertation Award

Sponsored by Henley Business School, University of Reading and Centre for International Business, University of Leeds (CIBUL)

Michael A. Sartor  
"Essays on the Relationship Between Host Market Corruption and Multinational Enterprise Strategy"

Temple/AIB Best Paper Award

Sponsored by Temple University's Fox School of Business

Stephan Manning and Marcus M. Larsen  
"Does Institutional Distance Still Matter? Industry Standards and Global Sourcing Location Choices"

Alan M. Rugman Young Scholar Award

Catherine Magelssen  
"Subsidiary Ownership of Firm-Specific Advantages, Network Linkages, and Innovation within Multinational Firms"

Sheth/AIB Dissertation Proposal Award

Sponsored by the Madhuri and Jagdish N. Sheth Foundation

Abby Jingzi Zhou  
"Enhancing Cross-Border Knowledge Transfer Between Multinational Corporations and Their Foreign Susidiaries in Emerging Economies"

"That's Interesting!" Award

Sponsored by Aalto School of Business

Sungyong Chang, Bruce Kogut, and Jae-Suk Yang  
"Global Diversification Discount and Its Discontents: A Bit of Self-Selection Makes a World of Difference"

Best Paper Award in Emerging Economies Research

Sponsored by Bryant University

Peter Buckley, Pei Yu, Qing Liu, Surender Munjal, and Pan Tao  
"Institution and Location Strategies of Multinationals Corporations from Emerging Economies: Evidence from China's Cross-border Merger and Acquisitions"

The SSE/WAIB Award for Increased Gender Awareness in IB Research

Sponsored by the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) and Women in AIB (WAIB)

Patricia Charlety, Davide Romelli, Estefania Santacreu-Vasut, and Amir Shoham  
"Gender Diversity in Central Banks"

Best Reviewer Award Winners:

Kazuhiro Asakawa, Keio University
Joshua Kennedy Ault, University of Victoria
Allan Bird, Northeastern University
Ilya Cuypers, Singapore Management University
Nigel Driffield, Warwick Business School
Alex Eapen, Australian National University
Jesper Edman, Hitotsubashi University
Susan Feinberg, Temple University
Johann Fortwengel, Free University Berlin
Budhaditya Gupta, Harvard University
Mohd Haniff Jedin, Universiti Utara Malaysia
Peter D. Oerberg Jensen, Copenhagen Business School
Marcus M. Larsen, Copenhagen Business School
Peter Magnusson, University of Alabama
Klaus Meyer, CEIBS
Bo Bernhard Nielsen, University of Sydney
Christopher Richardson, Universiti Sains Malaysia
Sabrina Ferdous Saleh, University of South Carolina
Mika Westerlund, Carleton University
Fiona Yao, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Harun Emre Yildiz, Uppsala University
Lena Zander, Uppsala University