General Questions

No. AIB membership is not required for submissions. Any member of the research community can submit a manuscript or panel proposal to the AIB conference. However, please note that if your manuscript/proposal is accepted, the presenter(s) will be required to become AIB members to be able to register for the conference.
No. There is no submission fee for manuscripts or panel proposals submitted to the AIB conference. Please note that if your manuscript is accepted, the presenter(s) will be required to register for the conference and pay the appropriate registration fee.
Yes, AIB strictly enforces a Rule-of-Three. No person may be associated (as author, co-author, or panelist) with more than three submissions for the AIB 2015 Conference. Therefore, please make sure to coordinate with your co-authors before submitting a manuscript to the conference to ensure that they do not violate the Rule-of-Three as a result of your submission. Please note that this rule does not apply to appearances in pre-conference activities (e.g., workshops, consortia, or chapter meetings), invited appearances at plenaries, special sessions, session chairs or discussants, or listings resulting from AIB officer roles.
Only the abstracts of papers accepted to the AIB Conference is published in the AIB Conference Proceedings. The full manuscripts are not published, and the copyrights of the manuscripts remain with the original authors. Please note that AIB members will have access to any manuscript accepted to the conference for a period no more than 90 days (60 days before and 30 days after the conference), in a members-only password protected portion of our website.
AIB has a No Show Policy in place that requires at least one author of any accepted paper in the final program to register, attend and present at the conference, if your paper is accepted. Any withdrawals after the review process has been completed, failure to register by the author deadline of May 10, or a failure to present the manuscript at the assigned session are all treated as "No Shows" per the specified policy.
Due to the high number of submissions we receive and the extremely tight deadlines that the Program Committee has to work with, we are unable to grant any deadline extensions. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Questions on Manuscript Submissions

No. The AIB conference submission is a single-stage process. We require complete manuscripts to be submitted for the conference by the submission deadline. Each manuscript submission will go through a double-blind review process. If accepted, authors will have the opportunity to revise their work before it is presented at the conference.
No, each manuscript can only be submitted to a single track. If you not able to decide on the appropriate track for your manuscript, please contact the program chair and request assistance.
AIB recognizes that manuscript development is often an incremental process and that conferences play a critical developmental role in this process. Therefore, it is acceptable to submit papers that have been presented, or scheduled to be presented at another conference to the AIB conference. However, the manuscript must be altered or improved upon after each presentation to incorporate the feedback received.
You can submit your manuscript to the AIB conference, if the article is in the early stages of review at the journal. If you are at the later stages of the review process such that the manuscript could be accepted for publication before the AIB conference takes place, we recommend that you do not submit the manuscript to the AIB conference.
Authors who have a conflict of interest relationship with a track chair shall submit their paper to a different track, or to the special submissions track. Conflicts of interest arise from author relationships with current and former PhD students, current and former PhD advisors, members of the same department, co-authors, family members and the like. If you are not sure whether your relationship would qualify as a conflict of interest, please contact the Program Chair.
If you are using Microsoft Word, there are many ways you can leave personal information on your document. The primary things you need to check for are:
  • That you delete all author information from the title page, and any headers in the document.
  • If you were using "Track Changes" while making revisions to your manuscript, make sure to accept all changes and finalize the document before submitting.
  • Go to File...Info and make sure to delete the "Author" and "Last Modified by" information.
You should also select "Prepare for Sharing" which would allow you to delete additional identifying information that might be hidden in the document. For more information, please see the following Microsoft article. There are also two free software utilities that you can use to automate the process: Document Metadata Cleaner and Doc Scrubber.

Post-Acceptance Questions

As a general policy, AIB only communicates with the corresponding authors regarding the status of their submissions. It is the responsibility of the corresponding author to keep their co-authors abreast of any developments as necessary.
As outlined in the Submission Instructions, submitting a manuscript as a competitive paper does not necessarily mean it will end up in a competitive session. Often times very good papers end up in an interactive session because of lack of space in the program or lack of fit with any of the existing competitive sessions.
Due to the number of papers being presented and the complexity of putting together a schedule, AIB is not able to accept any requests to present at specific day or times. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.
It is typically possible to change the title and/or abstract of your paper until about 45 days before the conference, or until the final program has been published online. Please email your changes to the Program Chair, along with the submission ID of your manuscript.
AIB policy does not allow any additions to authorship information of manuscripts accepted for presentation at the AIB conference. We apologize for any inconvenience. It is, however, possible to modify affiliations or make spelling corrections to existing authors. Please email any changes to the Program Chair, along with the submission ID of your manuscript.
To allow session chairs and other session presenters to sufficiently prepare for the conference, and to facilitate the scholarly exchange of ideas amongst conference participants, all manuscripts accepted for presentation are made available for download on our conference website starting about a month before the conference begins until about a month after the conference ends, for a total period of about 2 months. This access is limited to AIB members only and is not indexable by search engines. Please note that this policy does not violate any journal submission policies regarding the public availability of manuscripts, as the manuscripts are not publicly available. No exceptions are made to this policy.
Only the abstracts of papers accepted to the AIB Conference is published in the AIB Conference Proceedings. The full manuscripts are not published. However, if you would like to make an updated version of your manuscript available for conference participants, please email a new copy of your manuscript to the Program Chair, along with the submission ID of your manuscript.
Approximately two months before the conference, the Program Chair will publish a set of guidelines and tips for authors preparing their presentations. These include details such as how much time each presenter has, what to focus on during the presentation, and equipment available for the presentations. Please check the conference website for these letters.
AIB's No-Show Policy requires that at least one co-author for each accepted manuscript must be registered. The deadline for the presenter to be registered is May 10. Otherwise, the manuscript may be removed from the program. If multiple co-authors are planning to attend the conference, each co-author has to register individually. For panels, the requirement is that at least half of the panelists must be registered by May 10, and all panelists must be registered before the start of the conference. Please see the Registration FAQ for additional registration related questions.
India requires a conference visa from all participants of any conference. It is a detailed and time-consuming process, so AIB encourages all participants to start the process as soon as possible. As a policy, the participant must be already registered for the conference before an invitation letter can be issued. Please visit the India Visa page to learn more about how to request an invitation letter.
We understand that authors may not be able to attend the conference or present the paper for a variety of reasons. To maintain a quality experience for all participants, the Program Committee kindly requests that you notify the Program Chair as soon as your plans change. However, please note that there may be repercussions per AIB's No Show Policy. If a co-author is available to present the paper, you do not need to notify us of the change. If no co-author is available, it is also possible to make arrangements for a colleague who is familiar with your work to present the manuscript on your behalf. However, in this case, please make sure to notify the Program Chair so that your paper is not automatically dropped from the program due to our no-show policy which requires at least one author to be registered for the conference. If you had already registered for the conference, please refer to the Registration FAQ for AIB's cancellation policy.