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Special Track on International Business (IB) Research Methods

Track chair: Harry Bowen, Queens University

Deadline: January 16, 2012

Based on the success of the inaugural "IB Research Methods" track in AIB 2010 in Rio, a special competitive track on Research Methods for International Business will be offered again at AIB 2012 in Washington DC. This special track on IB research methods aims to address methodological issues encountered by IB researchers. We welcome submissions that evaluate applications of current methods or describe the development of new methods that offer IB researchers innovative design and data analytical strategies to address substantive research questions. This track invites submissions in three broad areas:

1. Quantitative Data Analytic Methods

This session will explore contributions involving innovative quantitative methods that are particularly relevant for IB research. Topics include, but are not restricted to: multi-level methods, cross-cultural comparisons, advances in regression analysis and structural equation modeling.

2. Qualitative Data Analytic Methods

This session will include qualitative methods that are particularly relevant for IB research, at both individual and firm level of analysis. Topics include, but are not restricted to: text mining and discourse analysis, interpretive research, action research and the case method.

3. Design and Measurement Issues for IB Research

This session will explore design and measurement issues that are particularly relevant for IB research. Relevant topics include, but are not restricted to: longitudinal designs, experimental designs, cross-cultural/national research designs, archival research designs, web-based research designs and measurement issues.

We look forward to this Special Track on IB Research Methods and hope that you will join us in ensuring that such sessions remain an integral part of future AIB conferences. All submissions should be made through the AIB 2012 Online Submission System (select "Competitive Paper" as submission type) and will go through a peer-review process to ensure relevance, quality, and impact. All submissions must be no longer than 3,000 words. For additional guidelines or information, contact the track chair Harry Bowen at .

Harry Bowen
Queens University