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AIB 2011 Annual Meeting
Nagoya, Japan
June 24-28, 2011

Visa Information

Presently, the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs grants VISA waivers or exemptions to 61 countries with special agreements with Japan. If you are unsure of whether or not you need to apply for a SHORT-TERM VISA to enter Japan in order to attend the AIB 2011 Nagoya Conference, please click here to see if your country is listed. If your country is listed, you do NOT need a visa.

If your country is not listed, then you MUST obtain a visa to enter Japan. Please contact the Embassy of Japan or the nearest Consulate of Japan in YOUR HOME COUNTRY to receive guidance on the application process and necessary documents. More information on the process is available from the Japanese government website.

Please note that the visa process takes some time, so please read the following instructions and contact us as soon as possible to receive the necessary supporting documents.

Local Host Support Letters

As part of the Visa application process, you will be required to provide supporting documents from a local host in Japan. In order to receive these documents you must have paid the conference registration fee in full. We are unable to accept any letter requests before you complete your conference registration process. If you have already registered for the conference, please do the following:

  1. Download and save the following two files on your computer (do NOT fill them out before you save a local copy on your computer).
    1. Itenary Document
    2. Visa Invitation Document
  2. Open the documents on your computer and fill both documents out. You can find instructions for how to fill them out in here:
    1. Itenary Document Instructions
    2. Visa Invitation Document Instructions
  3. Once you have completed all the fields in the documents, please email them to Please include your postal address mail in the email since these will be sent back to you via post, once the local host's seal is applied on them.