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AIB 2009 Annual Meeting
San Diego, California, USA
June 27-30, 2009

Special Track on IB Pedagogy

Track chair: , Indiana University, Kelley School of Business

Deadline: Friday, February 6th, 2009

Based on the success of the inaugural “Teaching IB” track in AIB Milan 2008, a special competitive track on Pedagogy for International Business will be offered at AIB 2009 San Diego. Dr. Roberto Garcia of Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business will be the session chair once again.

This track invites submissions in the following areas:

1. Developing an IB Curriculum in Higher Education
This session will explore contributions involving action-oriented recommendations for enhancing our higher education curriculum and instructional effectiveness at various levels (undergraduate, graduate, executive education, etc.).

2. Using Simulations to Teach IB
This session will include demonstration of a couple of IB simulations and a discussion of the use of such simulations as a pedagogical tool in teaching international business and related topics.

3. Integrating Video Clips in Classroom Teaching
There is currently much interest in how short video clips can be used to enhance classroom lectures. This session will include examples of video clip use, sources for clips, technological aspects of integrating clips with your presentation, and discussion of how to use video clips as a teaching tool in international business.

4. Frameworks to Aid in Understanding the Global Expansion Process
There are currently several versions of a Country Analysis Framework to analyze markets for international business penetration and operations. This session will explore additional frameworks to help students understand and prepare for decisions and managerial issues involved in the more comprehensive Global Expansion Process.

5. Using Internet-Based Resources in Teaching IB
A discussion of exercises, activities, and resources available on the Internet can be used for enhanced delivery of IB topics and for introducing interactivity into the classroom.

6. Role-Playing Exercises for Teaching IB
Learning by doing is a powerful way to make abstract concepts more accessible to less experienced students. This session will focus on more traditional role-playing exercises which do not involve intensive use of technology. This session will focus on classroom activities which may enhance cross-cultural understanding and improve negotiation skills.

7. Web Conferencing as a Delivery Method
To address the growing use of, and interest in, distance education, this session will focus on how web-conferencing tools such as Adobe Connect/Breeze, WebEx, Skype and Yugma, and others can be used for a non-traditional delivery format.

8. Other topics not included in this list

Interested participants should submit their written proposals directly via e-mail to by the deadline of February 6th, 2009. Submissions must be no longer than 3,000 words and should include the following information:

1) Neat cover page with a title and contact information for the presenter(s).
2) Specific pedagogical topic to be addressed;
3) Statement of impact and benefits for instructors and students,
4) Brief outline of subtopics to be covered in the presentation,
5) Directions on how participants can use the tool, including URLs for any website materials,
6) List of equipment needed to deliver the presentation in San Diego

All submissions will go through a peer-review process to ensure relevance, quality, and impact. We look forward to this Special Track on IB Pedagogy in San Diego and hope that you will join us in ensuring that such sessions remain an integral part of future AIB conferences.

Best regards,

P. Roberto Garcia, Ph.D.
Clinical Associate Professor of International Business
Co-Director, Supply Chain & Global Management Academy
Indiana University, Kelley School of Business
Bloomington, IN 47405
Tel: +1-812-855-2744
Fax: +1-812-855-8679