Please feel free to contact the regional chapter chair for information about chapter activities in your area using the email or fax information provided below. Click here for information we have received on chapter meetings.

Chapters in the Americas

Canada Chapter Logo

Chair: Anthony Goerzen ( )
Latin America and the Caribbean Chapter Logo
Latin America and the Caribbean

Chair: Maria Alejandra Gonzalez-Perez ( )

Latin America and the Caribbean Website
US Midwest Chapter Logo
US Midwest

Chair: Etienne Musonera ( )

US Midwest Website
US Northeast Chapter Logo
US Northeast

Chair: Margaret Goralski ( )

US Northeast Website
US Southeast Chapter Logo
US Southeast

Chair: Stanford Westjohn ( )

US Southeast Website
US West Chapter Logo
US West

Chair: Gary Knight ( )

US West Website

Chapters in the Asia and the Pacific

China Chapter Logo

Chair: Changqi Wu ( )
India Chapter Logo

Chair: S. Raghunath ( )

India Website
Japan Chapter Logo

Chair: Jusuke Ikegami ( )
Korea Chapter Logo

Chair: Jaeyong Song ( )
Oceania Chapter Logo

Chair: Sara McGaughey ( )

Oceania Website
Southeast Asia Chapter Logo
Southeast Asia

Chair: Geng Cui ( )

Southeast Asia Website

Chapters in the Europe

Central & Eastern Europe Chapter Logo
Central & Eastern Europe

Chair: Lukasz Puslecki ( )

Central & Eastern Europe Website
United Kingdom and Ireland Chapter Logo
United Kingdom and Ireland

Chair: Pavlos Dimitratos ( )

United Kingdom and Ireland Website
Western Europe Chapter Logo
Western Europe

Chair: Fabian Jintae Froese ( )

Chapters in the Middle East and Africa

Africa Chapter Logo

Chair: Yaw Debrah ( )
Middle East and North Africa Chapter Logo
Middle East and North Africa

Chair: Immanuel Azaad Moonesar ( )

Middle East and North Africa Website