AIB-L is the official electronic mailing list of the Academy of International Business. In addition to carrying announcements about the Academy, its activities, chapters, and members, the moderated list is also a productive venue for various calls for papers, position announcements, requests for research and publishing collaborations, as well as other general international business posts. All new AIB members are automatically subscribed to the list upon activation of their membership, but are free to leave the list at any point in time. The list is also open for other members of the international business community as well as expired members of AIB. As of July 2014, AIB-L had over 6300 subscribers.

The first AIB electronic mailing list was initiated and maintained as the AIBNET (later renamed the IBNET) by Tagi Sagafi-nejad, Loyola College from November 1994 until fall of 1997. In August of 1997, AIB took over the list and has continued to maintain it since then.

To Send a Message to the List

Send your message to . Each message should have a descriptive subject line and should not be based on the subject line of a previous message (i.e. "Fwd:"). After sending your message to you will receive an automatic confirmation email in which you must click the confirmation link. When you have done so, your message will be forwarded to the AIB-L Moderator for approval.

The posts are only approved/disapproved for appropriateness and cannot be edited. Therefore please do not add any notes to the moderators (e.g., "Please post", "Please approve urgently", "Thanks" ) as these cannot be edited out. You will receive a confirmation request back to which you need to respond before the message is sent to the moderators.

Content Guidelines/Restrictions

AIB-L carries announcements about the AIB, its activities, chapters, and members; it also circulates various calls for papers, position announcements, requests for research and publishing collaborations, as well as other general international business posts.

We do not circulate requests for survey participation or links to surveys. At the Moderator's discretion we will occasionally allow posting of requests for survey participants if the survey is about IB scholarship and thus the AIB members are the direct target of the study.

Scholarly but personal announcements to make the community aware of a new book or article that has been published are acceptable, but we do not circulate press releases, sales pitches, or repeated promotions of the same publication. Announcements should include an explanation of why the new book or article is particularly relevant to the AIB community; individual article announcements will be circulated only if they are published in an untraditional non-business journal (i.e., a respected journal that IB scholars would not normally look at).

Aside from AIB-related events, generally we do not allow posting of individual announcements for PDWs, consortia, or calls for papers to specific tracks at conferences. However, we will circulate one overall call for papers, or one message with information about all the PDW/consortia at a conference.

Message size is limited to about 400k; if your message is rejected for being too large, please reduce your attachment size and resend.

Messages must be in English.

To Access List Archives

All messages posted to the list since January 2001 have been archived. You can browse the archive by months, or search the list by sender, subject line, keyword, or date. The archives are publicly accessible at:

To Manage Your Subscription to the List

You can manage your subscription (subscribe, unsubscribe, disable mail temporarily (vacation mode), or switch to a digest version) by visiting the MSU Listserv Commands page.

The AIB-L electronic mailing list runs on a LISTSERV software. If you would like to use additional LISTSERV features, you can send your commands to . To see a list of available commands, send an email message to this address with the word HELP in the body. Additionally, an online version to LISTSERV Online Help is also available.

To Contact List Moderator

If you are having technical difficulties, need assistance, or simply have questions, please contact the list moderator at .