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Dr. Hadi Alhorr, Placement Center Coordinator
Dr. Hadi Alhorr
Placement Services Coordinator

The AIB Placement Service will be available at the 2009 AIB Annual Conference in San Diego, California, USA - June 28-30, 2009. The June-July dates present a great opportunity for new graduates and employers to get an early start in the job market and to warm up for the larger disciplinary meetings in August. Schools with late position approvals will also be able to catch up and find suitable candidates for the Fall semester through the placement service at the AIB meeting. Dr. Hadi Alhorr from Saint Louis University will coordinate placement services for both applicants and schools.

In addition to making resumes and job listings available at the meeting, the information is also made available here:

          > View Position Announcements
          > View Current Resumes

All materials should be sent via email by June 15, 2009
to .

Position Applicants
Position applicants should submit a 1-PAGE resume containing personal and professional information, including the following items:
  • Name
  • Email address
  • Contact phone number
  • Mailing address
  • Name of degree, date and name of institution awarding the degree
  • Month of availability for new position
  • Visa status (if applicable)
  • Areas of teaching interest
  • Intention to attend the meeting in San Diego
If you wish to remain confidential, please indicate that clearly and specify what information you would like posted on the Web site and at the placement center.

Please observe the 1-page limit to avoid the need for editing longer CVs.

Schools and Other Employers
Schools and other employers wishing to announce positions should submit a 1-PAGE position description, including the following items:
  • Position title or area, rank, position requirements
  • Starting date
  • Salary range
  • Contact person and details (name, email, phone, mailing address)
  • Name of representative who will attend the meeting in San Diego
Please observe the 1-page limit for the position description. Additional pages or details can be added to the Position binder at the conference by having your school's representative bring 10 paper copies to San Diego.

Dr. Hadi Alhorr will acknowledge receipt of materials by email, and materials will be posted on the placement service web site in the weeks before the conference.

All materials must be received by June 15, 2009 to ensure availability at the conference placement center. Materials should be sent via email to .

Please send questions and comments to:

Dr. Hadi Alhorr
AIB 2009 Placement Services
Boeing Institute of International Business
John Cook School of Business
Saint Louis University
3674 Lindell Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63108

Tel: +1-314-977-3853
Fax: +1-314-977-7188