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This section serves AIB members seeking career development information as well as job placement opportunities.

The Job Postings section features announcements by institutions that have openings for a variety of international business related positions.

The Member Resumes section allows AIB members to make their resumes available. Potential employers that visit this page can then contact members directly.

In addition, the AIB Placement Center boasts placement activities which include interviews and workshops aimed at career growth, bringing together job seekers and academic employers during the AIB's annual conferences. The 2020 AIB Placement Center for Hong Kong is not yet open but will begin accepting job postings and resumes closer to the conference.

Award Winners

JIBS Decade Award:
David A Ralston, David R. Holt, Robert H. Terpstra, and Yu Kai-Cheng

Temple/AIB Best Paper Award:
Peter Magnusson (1), Stanford A. Westjohn (2), and David J. Boggs (3)

(1) Saint Louis University; (2) Saint Louis University; (3) Eastern Illinois University

Alan M. Rugman Young Scholar(s) Award:
Christian Geisler Asmussen

Copenhagen Business School

Peter J. Buckley and Mark Casson AIB Dissertation Award:
Rekha Krishnan

Norwegian School of Management (Ph.D. awarded by Tilburg University)

AIB Award for the Best Doctoral Dissertation Proposal:
Gundula L├╝cke

University of South Carolina

AIB Fellows' John Fayerweather Eminent Scholar Award:
Douglass North

John H. Dunning AIB Service Award:
Jeremy Clegg

University of Leeds

AIB Fellows' International Executive of the Year:
Tim Solso

Cummins Inc.

AIB Fellows' International Educator of the Year:
Joyce J. Elam

Florida International University