The AIB Award for the Best Doctoral Dissertation Proposal is selected during the AIB Doctoral Consortium and the winner(s) receives a plaque and a scholarship award to assist his/her dissertation research.


Winner(s):Tuuli Hakkarainen
Affiliation: Aalto University School of Business
Dissertation:Sharing Expertise Across Geographical and Cognitive Boundaries


Winner(s):Min Jung Kim
Affiliation: University of Minnesota
Dissertation:The Temporal Dynamics of Industry Clusters and Firm Innovation


Winner(s):Federica Nieri
Affiliation: University of Pisa
Dissertation:Corporate Social Irresponsibility by Emerging Market Corporations: Unveiling and Theorizing the Causes of their Involvement in Irresponsible Events


Winner(s):Caroline Witte
Affiliation: Erasmus Research Institute for Management (ERIM) & Tinbergen Institute (TI)
Dissertation:Self-interest Fueling Peace? Multinational Enterprises in Politically Violent Regions


Winner(s):Abby Jingzi Zhou
Affiliation: University of Nottingham Ningbo China
Dissertation:Enhancing Cross-Border Knowledge Transfer Between Multinational Corporations and Their Foreign Susidiaries in Emerging Economies


Winner(s):Jenny Hillemann
Affiliation: Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Dissertation:Regional integration and the death of distance


Winner(s):Michael A. Sartor
Affiliation: Richard Ivey School of Business
Dissertation:Host market corruption and multinational enterprise strategy: Implications for subsidiary survival


Winner(s):Bi-Juan Zhong
Affiliation: Ohio State University
Dissertation:Top Management Team Identification, Knowledge Creation, and International Join Venture Performance: The Role of National Diversity


Winner(s):Matthew Smith
Affiliation: Rutgers University
Dissertation:Doing It Under The Table: Hidden Sales In India’s Manufacturing Sector


Winner(s):Dong Liu
Affiliation:University of Washington at Seattle


Winner(s):Prithwiraj Choudhury
Affiliation:Harvard University
Dissertation:Innovation in Emerging Markets: Role of Individuals within Multinationals, Government Laboratories and Domestic Firms

Winner(s):Luis Dau
Affiliation:University of South Carolina
Dissertation:Profiting from Globalization: Structural Reforms, Firm Internationalization Strategy, and Firm Profitability in Developing Countries

Winner(s):Jeannette Mena
Affiliation:Michigan State University
Dissertation:A Strategic Marketing Examination of Multiple Stakeholders, Satisfaction, and Marketing Performance of Multinational Corporations Embedded in Multi-Entity Supply Chains in the Global Marketplace


Winner(s):Andrea Martinez-Noya
Affiliation:Universidad de Oviedo
Dissertation:R&D Services Outsourcing: Evidence from European and US firms


Winner(s):Gundula Lücke
Affiliation:University of South Carolina
Dissertation:Development of Biculturalism in Cross-Cultural Managers in Multinational Corporations: A Cultural Participation Approach


Winner(s):Raveendra Chittoor
Affiliation:Indian Institute of Management-Calcutta

Winner(s):Ajai Gaur
Affiliation:National University of Singapore


Winner(s):Catherine Thomas (Runners-Up: James Costantini, In Hyeock (Ian) Lee, and Weiting Zheng)
Dissertation:Why do multinationals do different things in different countries? An empirical investigation of the laundry detergent industry in Western Europe

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