Sponsored by Temple University's Fox School of Business

In 2002, Temple University's Fox School of Business kindly agreed to endow an award for the best paper at the AIB Annual Meetings. All papers accepted for presentation at the AIB Annual Meeting through a double-blind review process are eligible for the award. The finalists are nominated by the program chair, track chairs and reviewers. The Best Paper Award Committee then reviews the finalist papers and chooses the winning paper. The winning paper receives a plaque and a scholarship award (amount is announced in the call for submissions annually) at the awards ceremony of the AIB annual meeting.


Winner(s):Stephanie Wang (1); Dan Li (2)
Affiliation:(1) Indiana University; (2) Indiana University
Article:Responding to Public Disclosure of Corporate Social Irresponsibility in Host Countries: Information vs. Ownership Control


Winner(s):Vittoria G. Scalera (1), Samuele Murtinu (2), and Roger Strange (3)
Affiliation:(1) University of Amsterdam; (2) University of Groningen; (3) University of Sussex
Article:Sovereign Wealth Funds’ International Investments: The Role of Politicization and Bilateral Relations


Winner(s):Exequiel Hernandez (1), and Elena Kulchina (2)
Affiliation:(1) University of Pennsylvania; (2) Duke University
Article:Immigrants and Firm Performance: Effects on Foreign Subsidiaries versus Foreign Entrepreneurial Firms


Winner(s):Stephan Manning (1), and Marcus M. Larsen (2)
Affiliation:(1) University of Massachusetts Boston; (2) Copenhagen Business School
Article:Does Institutional Distance Still Matter? Industry Standards and Global Sourcing Location Choices


Winner(s):Ajai Gaur (1), Yong Yang (2), and Deeksha Singh (1)
Affiliation:(1) Rutgers University; (2) University of Sussex
Article:Strategic Location in the Global Value Chain and Foreign Subsidiary Performance: Evidence from 105 Countries


Winner(s):Kai Xu and Lorraine Eden
Affiliation:Texas A&M University
Article:Institutional Distance, Direction and Complementarity: Impacts on the Mode of Entry Decision


Winner(s):Sokol Celo (1) and Aya Chacar (2)
Affiliation:(1) Suffolk University; (2) Florida International University
Article:Country Relatedness and International Coherence


Winner(s):Dirk Michael Boehe
Affiliation:Insper Institute of Education and Research
Article:Collaborate at Home to Win Abroad: How does Access to Local Network Resources Influence Export Behavior?


Winner(s):Martine Haas (1) and Jonathon Cummings (2)
Affiliation:(1) University of Pennsylvania; (2) Duke University
Article:Which Differences Matter Most in Transnational Teams? Cultural, Geographic, Demographic, and Structural Barriers to Knowledge Seeking


Winner(s):Tieying Yu (1), Mohan Subramaniam (1), and Albert A. Cannella, Jr. (2)
Affiliation:(1) Boston College; (2) Tulane University
Article:Competing Globally, Allying Locally: Host Country Factors and Alliances between Global Rivals


Winner(s):Ishtiaq Pasha Mahmood (1), Hongjin Zhu (1), and Aks Zaheer (2)
Affiliation:(1) National University of Singapore; (2) University of Minnesota
Article:The Contingent Role of Network Hierarchy on Firm Performance


Winner(s):Peter Magnusson (1), Stanford A. Westjohn (2), and David J. Boggs (3)
Affiliation:(1) Saint Louis University; (2) Saint Louis University; (3) Eastern Illinois University
Article:Order-of-Entry Effects for Knowledge-Based Service Firms in Emerging Markets


Winner(s):Jean-Luc Arregle (1), Louis Hébert (2), and Paul W. Beamish (3)
Affiliation:(1) EDHEC Business School; (2) HEC Montreal; (3) University of Western Ontario
Article:Assessing the Advantages of Multilevel Methods for Entry Mode Research


Winner(s):Changhui Zhou and Tony S. Frost
Article:Subsidiary's Inflow and Outflow of Knowledge within MNCs


Winner(s):Charles Dhanaraj, Marjorie A. Lyles, H. Kevin Steensma, and Laszlo Tihanyi
Affiliation:Indiana University
Article:Managing the Dynamics of Tacit and Explicit Learning in IJVs


Winner(s):Nicolai J. Foss and Torben Pedersen
Affiliation:Copenhagen Business School
Article:The MNC as a Knowledge Structure: The Roles of Knowledge Sources and Organizational Instruments for Knowledge Creation and Transfer


Winner(s):Anthony Goerzen (1) and Paul Beamish (2)
Affiliation:(1) Babson College; (2) University of Western Ontario
Article:Geographic Scope and Multinational Enterprise Performance

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