(As approved on 24 February 2015)

AIB, in common with many other academic associations, enforces a "no show" policy. This policy applies to all chapter meetings of AIB, as well as to global AIB meetings, including the Annual Meeting. At least one author of any accepted paper in the conference program must register, attend and present at the conference. Unless there are exceptional and extenuating circumstances, those who violate this policy will appear in the "no show" list.

This list is available to all AIB conference organizers and the violator will receive an official notification for being a "no show". Repeat violators of the "no show" policy (i.e., those who violate this policy in two of three consecutive years or have a history of violation) will be excluded from participation in AIB-related conferences for the subsequent 12 months, following the most recent violation.

This policy is necessary because every year many papers have to be rejected by reason of the limited space in the conference program. Violators of the "no show" policy are performing a professional discourtesy to their colleagues by wasting valuable space in the conference program.