(As approved on 1 August 2014)

The Academy of International Business wants to ensure that its elections are free of politicking. This policy statement identifies the kinds of politicking that are of concern and the steps that AIB will follow to deal with them. Clearly, active promotion of a candidate in an AIB election is inappropriate, whether via email, telephone, listserv or other communications. Our goal is to avoid behavior in which an AIB member recommends a candidate for AIB office to others or actively campaigns (i.e., attempts to influence the vote of another member) for that candidate. This applies to general AIB elections as well as to elections of chapter officers.

AIB would like to ensure that candidates are elected on the merits of their service and leadership skills rather than on campaign resources. Those who run for an AIB office are expected to help lead the organization or their chapter as a whole, rather than to serve a subgroup or pressure group within AIB. We do not want to see individuals, subgroups or coalitions campaigning on behalf of any candidate.

The election statement submitted by each candidate for an AIB office must be considered as the definitive election communication by, and on behalf of, the candidate.

AIB Bylaws require open nominations and the construction of an appropriate slate of candidates for the Executive Board, and this policy precludes the kinds of politicking identified above.

AIB acknowledges that free speech certainly may take place among friends and colleagues, but at the same time organized support at the personal level is not consistent with our goals or intent as an organization. For example, using the AIB membership list to put together a distribution list for campaigning purposes is not acceptable. And AIB officers should not use their positions to endorse candidates for office. Use of AIB funds for any activity that can be construed as campaigning is prohibited.

The AIB Board will judge any case in which a violation of these rules is asserted, and the judgment could lead to disqualification of the member/candidate for office. Any AIB member/candidate agrees to abide by these rules. An AIB member who lobbies on behalf of another member will be precluded from running for office him/herself for a three year period.