Why book reviews?

Book play an important role in scholarly discourse. While Journals have become the most high profile means to communicate research output, many scholars use books as complement or substiture their publications in Journal such as JIBS. Books serve for instance to present more comprehensive research projects, to discuss current issues of concern to empirical or theoretical research, or to collect work of experts on a specific theme. Book reviews serve as means to foster the academic dialog, to critically evaluate the scholarly contributions, and to draw the attention of the research community to particular interesting books. 

Book reviews published in the Journal

The journal publishes about four to six reviews per year. These reviews are typically of books that are expected to make a substantial contribution to international business research. In general, these will be books that are of interest to a broad audience within the AIB community.

Book reviews on AIB website

The AIB website is being expanded as a source for international business researchers. Books in all areas of IB research and targetted at academic audiences will be reviewed here, including...

  • contributions in disciplines that contribute to research in international business, such as international strategic management, international human resources management, international finance, etc.
  • contributions analyzing business in specific business contexts, countries or regions such as Transition Economies, Asia-Pacific, India, the European Union etc.
  • contributions in business history, including corporate histories that are of interest to a broader audience.

The website also offers opportunities for innovate ways of discussing books, such as author's replies or alternative perspectives on earlier reviewed books. Anyone wishing to initiate or contribute to such debate should contact the book review editor.

Becoming a Book Reviewer

Anyone wishing to review a book can submit his or her name as well as area of research interest to the Book Review Editor of JIBS. When an appropriate book is received, it will be forwarded to a potential book reviewer.

In each issue of JIBS, we list the books received since the last issue. Potential book reviewers may contact JIBS and inquire whether they can write a review for a particular book.

Anyone wishing to review a particular book on international business other than those received by JIBS should consult with the Book Review Editor.

In preparing a book review, please follow these guidelines.

Book Review Editor

Please address all correspondence concerning book reviews to:

Sjoerd Beugelsdijk
Book Review Editor, JIBS
University of Groningen
Faculty of Economics and Business, Global Economics & Management
Nettelbosje 2
9747 AE Groningen
The Netherlands