Photo of John K. Ryans, Jr.

Dr. John K. Ryans, Jr. is Bridgestone Professor Emeritus of International Business and Marketing at Kent State University. He currently is conducting research on several global promotion, outsourcing and strategy issues.

During 2003-2004, Dr. Ryans was the James Good Professor of International Business at Bowling Green State University. A graduate of Indiana University, Dr. Ryans has also served as the Schering-Plough Distinguished Visiting Professor at Fairleigh-Dickinson University and as a visiting professor at Columbia University and the University of Houston. In 1999, Dr. Ryans received Kent State University’s Distinguished Scholar Award (campus-wide selection). He received the College of Business Administration’s 2000 Distinguished Teaching Award.

During his career, Dr. Ryans has published more than 20 books and over 150 articles. His books include Thinking Strategically (Random House), the Management of International Advertising (Allyn & Bacon), Marketing Strategies for the New Europe (A.M.A.), Essentials for Marketing High Technology (Lexington Books), and Business India (Paramount). His articles have appeared in JIBS, JIM, JWB, IMR, IJA, the California Management Review, Business Horizons, the Harvard Business Review, and other journals. He is the Global Marketing Editor for Marketing Management.

Dr. Ryans has been an extremely active member of AIB for many years and was elected to the Fellows in 1994. To illustrate, he was a member of the Annual Farmer Dissertation Awards Committee for several years and chaired the Committee in 1998. In Addition to AIB, he has also been active in the AMA. He is an elected member of its Global Marketing Special Interest Group and is a founding member of the AMA Foundation Leadership Circle.

Dr. Ryans has consulted with a large number of major U.S. and foreign MNC’s and the U.S. Departments of Education and Commerce. And, he has served as a CIBER reviewer.


John Ryans passed away on September 14, 2013.

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